Monika Bacardi on Pinterest

05.07 2017
Monika Bacardi on Pinterest

A renowned and high-profile personality, Monika Bacardi (Pinterest) has made Monaco her home but also spends much time elsewhere in Europe and in America. She is fluent in French, German, English, Italian and Spanish and is looked upon as one of the key businesswomen in the Arts arena today. She joined forces with Andrea Iervolino to create AMBI Pictures and, together, they have produced a robust list of movies for the worldwide marketplace. In 2005, Monika Bacardi's husband passed away. He had been head of the Bacardi business for 40 years. Since that time, she has proved to have an extraordinary business acumen.

Monika Bacardi's involvement in the arts world was enhanced after she became part-owner of 'PHOTO' Magazine in 2014. A deep love for art and philanthropy led to her desire to study literature and arts in her birth country, Italy. Due to a desire to help others, she is involved in many non-profit organisations and charities. Lady of Bayfield Hall is the title that Monika Bacardi inherited, after marrying within the Bacardi family.

Being deeply involved in the Principality of Monaco's cultural and humanitarian concerns, Monika Bacardi is a supporter of the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation. The H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation works to take care of the environment and to promote sustainable development all over the world. Ecological-longevity is one of the many humanitarian concerns in which Lady Bacardi is involved. Monika Bacardi heightens understanding of the consequences of human activities on our planet through the foundation.

Seventh Art and Art - Monika Bacardi's Passions

Monika Bacardi is part of the Monaco Project for the Arts, which helps to support the University of Plastic Arts and establish partnerships with regards to the arts in Monaco. A desire to encourage young film-makers was one of a number of justifications for her creating AMBI Pictures, alongside her love of "The Seventh Art". Monika Bacardi takes pleasure in the varied work of many photographers and artists, which accounts for her love of contemporary art and photography.

Her Professional Activities

Monika Bacardi strives to generate services around her 'PHOTO' brand for photographers and artists, providing career guidance whilst making connections with foreign purchasers. Co-founder/owner and producer of the AMBI Group, Lady Bacardi endeavours to create funding for, produce and distribute films to a worldwide market. The running of 'PHOTO' magazine and AMBI Group occupy a lot of her professional life. By using the AMBI Group, Monika Bacardi tries to distribute between 8 and 10 movies every year, covering anything from in-house to third-party creations.

She thinks that one should aim to work with a happy face and should try to stay buoyant. Lord Luis Bacardi (Lord of Bayfield Hall) was a relative of the originator of the Bacardi Company. He and Monika Bacardi married and had a little girl together. Her work plays a big part in her personal life because she enjoys it so much. Monika Bacardi likes to voice her deep awareness of environmentally friendly and social issues in many facets of her life.